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Information for tenants

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Demand for rented accommodation within the area has remained strong for a number of years. Generally the number of tenants enquiring about rentals far outnumbers the property that is available and therefore it is important that you register your details and provide us with as much information as possible. The more we know about you and your individual circumstances the quicker it will be for us to find you something suitable.

Simple set up and referencing process

Once a property has been found it will be necessary for us to carry out references and credit checks. In order to do this we use external companies and in turn these companies will make a charge. Kemp & Co will also make a small charge by way of contribution towards the set up of the tenancy. This is a fairly quick process and only requires completion of a simple form that should, on average, be finalised within 2-3 days.

Completing the process

Once Kemp & Co has received acceptable references and credit checks, contracts will be drawn up accordingly. We will require one month's rent in advance together with the equivalent of one and a half months rental as security deposit in cleared funds, prior to the tenancy commencement date. The deposit will then be forwarded to the Deposit Protection Service, visit for further details.

Our Landlord/Tenant Verification sheet

Click this link to download a pdf of our verification sheet for landlords and tenants.

Our fees

Click this link to download a pdf of our fees for tenants.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers?

Q:  How do I know if I can afford a property?

A:  In general you will need to be earning approximately 2.5 times the annual rental, for example: Rent: £500pcm Your Income: 15,000 per annum. For further information, see table below.

Q:  What if my income is under the required amount?

A:  The more you tell us about your situation, the more we can help you. There are various ways of qualifying for a tenancy. We will go through your individual circumstances and will never take any fees from you unless we are certain that you are proceedable, given the honest information you have provided us with.

Q:  What if I don't qualify for a tenancy in my own right?

A:  There are still various ways of taking up a tenancy, it may be that you could proceed with a guarantor, or that you qualify for help in the form of Deposit Bonds or Benefits. Below are contact details of where you can go for additional help & advice.

Q:  How much does a Guarantor need to be earning to guarantee my tenancy?

A:  A Guarantor will need to be earning approximately 3 x the annual rental. It is necessary for the guarantor to have a higher income than a tenant because if you should fall into rent arrears the guarantor would need to be able to support themselves AND your tenancy.

Q:  Where will my deposit be held?

A:  Your tenancy will be held in an approved scheme and you will be given specific details clarifying the deposit amount, where it is being held, what it is being held against along with the terms of the scheme. Your deposit will be protected throughout the tenancy.

Q:  Why does Kemp & Co charge an administration fee?

A:  Kemp & Co will charge a Set up Fee to cover our reasonable costs involved in dealing and setting up your tenancy. This is to include telephone calls, processing your references, reading meters and writing to utility companies upon your check-in, dealing with your deposit registration as well as your share towards the drawing up of tenancy agreements and inventory.

Q: After I move in, will I have to pay any further fees?

A: Kemp & Co do not charge tenants any further fees once a tenancy has commenced, not will we charge the tenant a check out fee.

Q:  I wish to pay rent in a lump sum and don't wish to be referenced.

A:  Kemp and Co will never progress with a tenancy without proper references being carried out.

Q:  How long do the references take?

A:  On average 2 - 3 days or sooner, but this does depend on individual circumstances.

For any further information please contact the office, we are happy to answer your questions. A Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding contract. We strongly suggest you seek independent legal advice prior to signing a Tenancy Agreement.